​Sales and Consignements.

Breeders Partnership Program

*All Leases and Sales brokered by Leslie are subject to a 10% commission payable upon completion of transaction*

This is a specialized program meant to reduce costs for a breeder looking for a longer term partnership to get their horses trained, marketed, and sold. Please call or email to discuss specifics!

Individual Lessons/Training Rides: $65

​Rail Fees/Rides at shows: $65 per day/ride

​Additional Services

Full Training: $650 per month

                        Includes 5-6 training rides/lessons per week, full day                              care, and feeding of owner supplied supplements

Consignment Horses: $500 per month and 10% commission upon                                                  completion of sale.

                                    Includes: all training rides, show prep, day care,all                                                      marketing/advertising and no additional                                                        training fees at horse shows. Owner is                                                          responsible for all associated showing                                                          costs, should sale horse be taken to a                                                          show

​Half Training: $475 per month

                       Includes 3 training rides/lessons per week and full                               day care on those days 

Day Care: $10/day

​                   Includes hand walking, basic grooming, wrapping

Medical Treatment: $10/day

                   Includes wound cleaning/treatment, wrapping, medicating

Show Clip: $25

                   Clip ears, muzzle, bridle path, and legs

Body Clip: $150

                   Full body clip

​Mane Pull: $15